People – Processes – Professionalism

LUTZ Precision is a medium-sized company with a worldwide scope of action. We see ourselves as a “one team” company with flat hierarchies and short decision paths. Our management board works as a team across continents, ensuring short reaction times and fast implementation of customer requirements.

Rudolf Sperber

Managing Director Rudolf Sperber

Stefan Fahnenstich

Technical Director Stefan Fahnenstich

We implement effective decision-making processes. The constant updating of information and the transfer of knowledge within the organization ensures professional work throughout the company structure.

LUTZ Precision Invests in the Bratislava Location.

Since mid-2017 alone, Lutz Precision has invested more than 1.5 million euros into the expansion of production capacities for CNC milling and rotation technology.

In addition to our existing equipment, we have purchased several new five-axis milling centers and CNC lathes from the manufacturer DMG Mori, as well as a further three-axis machining centers from MAS, and EDM machines from Fanuc.

All new machines are equipped with an ultra-precise and state-of-the-art clamping technology from Schunk. Specially designed clamping elements and clamping jaws enable a 360 degree moving milling application.


Global Structure – Personal Relationships

LUTZ Precision consistently uses the possibilities of modern communication and information processing in its international business. These help us to standardize our processes across borders, to accelerate them, and to link them directly to the processes of our customers. As a cooperation partner of IHS Markit, we are also directly involved in the production planning of our customers. But we are not satisfied with that alone.

LUTZ Precision attaches great importance to personal business relationships. That’s why we invest a lot in our global locations. When there is a task to fulfill, a solution has to be put together precisely or a problem has to be solved quickly, and for that we rely on personal contact with our business partners.

Our customers appreciate the mutual understanding and “pull together” mentality. Our long-standing, successful customer relationships testify to this.


Apart from the German market, in Europe we deliver our products for the automotive industry in South and Eastern Europe as well. On international scale, we are present where our clients have their production sites: in the U.S.A., in Mexico, in Brazil and in near future in India as well.

Apart from original equipment manufacturers known as OEM, the portfolio of our clients also includes subsuppliers rated Tier 1, Tier 2 etc.

We especially appreciate the approval by the Volkswagen concern for our new products we received in 2017 after 3 years of developing and testing all components.

Jump to China

Since 2009 we have been directly represented in the world’s largest automotive market with Lutz Precision (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Since then we have increased our market share for LUTZ products contuniously and currently consider ourselves to be the market leader in this segment.

In the meantime, other successful German SMEs, whose products only we are allowed to distribute in China, benefit from our network and their special relationships with almost all international and local Chinese carmakers. These include Eckold GmbH. & Co. KG, St. Andreasberg, and F.EE GmbH, Neunburg vorm Wald. We are the preferred representative of automotive welding controls in China for the world-renowned Bosch-Rexroth company.

In 2017 additional agency contracts were signed with companies such as Doceram GmbH and Dinse GmbH, Hamburg.

In April 2019, we and Shuttle Inc. listed in Taiwan concluded a partnership agreement in order to utilize synergies in the course of digitalisation and interlinking within the vehicle production process.

Established in 1983, Shuttle Inc. is well known for its Barebone PCs in small form factor format and runs Research and Development Centres in China and Taiwan. Lutz Precision will utilize this R&D potential to enhance the widened integration of her fully automatic electrode cap changer systems. Thus, users of Lutz products receive the possibility to interlink and evaluate data from the existing sensor system with other systems and components in production (for example with weld control).

In return, Shuttle Inc. wants to use her minority holding in Lutz to enter the automotive industry and her know-how to introduce digitalization, being the central topic in present and future automotive industry.