Lutz and Shuttle to enter strategic partnership

In April 2019, the company Lutz Precision that produces and delivers cutter tools to leading car producers worldwide and Shuttle Inc. listed in Taiwan concluded a partnership agreement in order to utilize synergies in the course of digitalisation and interlinking within the vehicle production process.

Established in 1983, Shuttle Inc. is well known for its Barebone PCs in small form factor format and runs Research and Development Centres in China and Taiwan. Lutz Precision will utilize this R&D potential to enhance the widened integration of her fully automatic electrode cap changer systems. Thus, users of Lutz products receive the possibility to interlink and evaluate data from the existing sensor system with other systems and components in production (for example with weld control).

In return, Shuttle Inc. wants to use her minority holding in Lutz to enter the automotive industry and her know-how to introduce digitalization, being the central topic in present and future automotive industry.