There are manufacturing areas where automatic tip dressers cannot be used, e.g. if the necessary space is not available or an automated application is not feasible. In our product line we offer two different manual tip dressers:

Manual Tip Dresser M2 protable bajonett
Electrode Trip Dresser e2
Mobilder Elektroden-Kappenfräser 0.19

In the simple model, the handling is completely controlled by the operator. With the “M2 Advanced”, a guide is flange-mounted on the cutter, which slips directly over the cap and completely secures the hand-held milling cutter. This makes impossible a break-out of the hand milling cutter during the milling process; the operation becomes greatly safer, and the milling result becomes accordingly more uniform and continuous.

If simultaneous milling on both sides is not possible – for example, if the pressure of the welding gun cannot be reduced to the necessary degree – the caps on the two tong halves are usually milled one after the other individually.

Both manual tip dressers take advantage of the quality advantages of the identical LUTZ milling tools, which are also used in the E2 and E4 systems. This guarantees long-term use as well as an outstanding milling result.