In the high—tech production lines of the automotive industry, only machines that demonstrate the highest level of stability can survive. Every device or fault reduces the number of units to be manufactured per shift. Improving productivity even further is the goal when using the Electrode Management Center.

LUTZ CapMaster

The system is the logical continuation in the product development of tip dressers: The modular stationary tip dresser is rounded off by components to allow the time-consuming changing of the caps by hand to be completely replaced.

The advantages are obvious:

  • automated welding of up to 100,000 welding points without manual intervention
  • lowest cycle times of the change process, thus no standstill
  • high process reliability through permanent monitoring of all work steps

It can be assumed that almost all possible cap pairs can be used, e.g. also various caps within a pair of welding tongs.

The steadily growing quality requirements mean that we now deliver these systems worldwide to countries that, until recently, preferred simple solutions. These are usually areas in which a larger number of welding points and welding robots with high cycle frequency are in use, with the need for the utmost precision.