Founded in Munich in the early 80s, the company was one of the first suppliers of tip dressers for the automotive industry. Even before the ‘turn’, we relocated production to Slovakia in Bratislava.

In unison with the development of Slovakia into an automotive industry hotspot we have expanded our production facility, which today has state-of-the-art production machines and a staff of outstanding employees in production and administration.

The first major projects at Ford in Cologne were later followed by installations in the VW Group with Audi, SEAT, and Skoda, as well as Mercedes Benz and GM. This was associated with the continuous development of technology in the field of milling tools and machines.

Our development of automatic cap changers from 2007/2008, as well as the introduction of chip breaker milling tools, is still considered a technological leap today.

As a special award, in 2017, after three years of testing all components, we received the approval of the VW Group for new developments.

Jump to China

Since 2009 we have been directly represented in the world’s largest automotive market with Lutz Precision (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Since then we have increased our market share for LUTZ products contuniously and currently consider ourselves to be the market leader in this segment.

In the meantime, other successful German SMEs, whose products only we are allowed to distribute in China, benefit from our network and their special relationships with almost all international and local Chinese carmakers. These include Eckold GmbH. & Co. KG, St. Andreasberg, and F.EE GmbH, Neunburg vorm Wald. We are the preferred representative of automotive welding controls in China for the world-renowned Bosch-Rexroth company.

In 2017 additional agency contracts were signed with companies such as Doceram GmbH and Dinse GmbH, Hamburg.